Device Description

Body-worn sensors to track the health (heart rate, respirations, EKG, body temperature) and location of responders Additional Body Worn Sensors to detect a bullet impacting an officer’s vest; detect the absence of movement that might indicate a crisis condition. Sensors that will track the amount of air in a firefighters SCBA tank


E2E Latency: Low
Jitter: Not Sensitive
Data Rate: Very Low
Availability: High
Criticality: Safety Critical
Communication Direction: One-way
Common Communication Mode: Unicast
Data Reporting Mode: Continuous-based
Mobility (type/speed): Pedestrian
Service Continuity: Required
Device Autonomy (Power Constrained): Yes
Connectivity Type: WAN
Priority Services (NS/EP): Yes
Guaranteed Service: DCGBR
Security: Medium
Lifespan: Medium
Location Based Services: Very High Accuracy
Slice Type: eMBB

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