In 3GPP, the two resource types GBR and delay critical GBR determine if dedicated network resources related to a service or bearer level Guaranteed Bit Rate (GBR) value are permanently allocated. The delay critical GBR is used for low latency and high reliablity requirements based on URLLC (ultra reliability low latency communications).
Alarms and alerts from IoT devices that are sensing physical and kinetic events often have high priority. Endpoint devices and/ or IoT gateways can decide on QoS requirements based on contextual information (time of day, volumes, environmental conditions (rain, snow, earthquake— etc). Allowing the endpoint to establish QoS requirements (e.g. priority) is supported in both IPv4 and IPv6 through a variety of packet options and packet flags, such as Type of Service (ToS) in IPv4 and Flow Control in IPv6.
Key questions:
How to differentiate Priority from best effort. Introduce precedence paradigm at service level ?

Range of Values

  • GBR
  • Non-GBR
  • Delayed-Critical GBR