One-way – Simple Devices make one-way service requests while monitoring themselves. Devices range from home appliances and propane tanks, to commercial vending machines, to devices like porta-potties and garbage cans. Data flows only outward, with “Help me!” messages like “I need to be filled”, “I need to be emptied” or “I need to be serviced because of the following diagnostics code”. No message is sent when no servicing is needed (unless a periodic ping of existence is required). NOTE: While communication is primarily one-way, the device may have ability to download config changes and updates to firmware but this is done less frequently
Two-way – Interactive devices with 2-way communication of data.E.g. a connected smoke detector must deliver a smoke alarm with absolute certainty. Need network to provide acknowledgements of a received message to enable better fault management and the required level of reliability.

Range of Values

  • One-way
  • Two-way