Device Description

Portable waste bin or portable toilets enabled with GNSS. Once data related to fill rates and temperatures of smart bins /toilets are collected, the sensors relay the exact location and other waste related information of the bins in question so waste management can send out SMSes to nearby garbage collectors to do the needed collection/emptying before harmful carbon emissions are released.


E2E Latency: Best Effort
Jitter: Not Sensitive
Data Rate: Very Low
Availability: Best Effort
Criticality: Non Critical
Communication Direction: Two-way
Common Communication Mode: Unicast
Data Reporting Mode: Time Driven
Mobility (type/speed): Fixed
Service Continuity: Not Required
Device Autonomy (Power Constrained): Yes
Connectivity Type: WAN
Priority Services (NS/EP): No
Guaranteed Service: GBR
Security: Medium
Lifespan: Long
Location Based Services: Proximity Based
Slice Type: mMTC

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